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  Products— 2180---800T Plywood Hot Press Location: Home> 800T 4×8' BY214×8/80(15)Z3C

800T 4×8' BY214×8/80(15)Z3C (Click 2727

  Technical parameters

The man-made board presses manufacture as per the techniques os"License No.96247597.2"have the strong points as follows:

1、Spare parts are small and easy to carry and assemble.
2、The machine racks are composed of spare parts,therefore,they canbe dismantied into parts fit for transportation and convenient to install.If the users nave the workshops with doors 1.4m×2m,the presses can be moved in and assembled into a machine or reset the working area.
3、The air entrance and exit tubes are made with the heat-bornet resin tied with steel wires.the trbes can last longer time in about 10 years (3000000times).
4、The main part of the hydraulic press is at the top of the racdk with small area and the oil tube is set upon production without extra setting.
5、The base needed is shallow with the deepest 1.5m,easy to clen,maintain with good safety and lower price.
6、The power for installation is lower and speed for turning off is fast,structure simple and lower price.
7、Its synchronism is perfect,litfing smooth,structure simple the error rate low main-tenance convenient.

Total pressure
Working layer
Max.pre.int.of valid working area
Platen No.&size
Cylinder No.&diameter
Heating way
The boiler is prepared by user
Max.working temperaure
Hot platen opening way
Automatically, three times releasing pressure
Installtation power
Closing speed


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