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100T 4×8' BY214×8/10(1)H1RC
120T 4×8' BY214×8/12(3)H1RC
160T 4×8' BY214×8/16(5)H1R
160T 4×8' BY214×8/16(3)H2R
200T 4×8' BY214×8/20(5)Z2R
200T 5×12' BY215×12/20(3)Z2
200T vertically loading and unloading cover press BY624×14/20
350T vertically loading and unloading hot press BY625×8/35
300T membrane press BY994×8/30
The horizontally loading 120ton press with 10 layers BY214×8/12(10)H1C
500T two sections preforming press
800T 4×8' BY214×8/80(15)Z3C
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